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Forthcoming Changes to Apprenticeships

Both the structure of Apprenticeships and their funding is due to change over the next two years. Probably the biggest change for employers is that you will be in charge of the money with the Government proposing a system of training funding vouchers, provided your organisation meets certain conditions. If your organisation’s total payroll bill is £3 million or above, it will have to pay what is being called the Apprenticeship Levy – precise details on this charge are still to be published. The training itself will be split into two parts, on the job training and independent end point assessment.

This is a fairly radical reworking of the current system where a training provider receives a funding allocation and then signs up learners to the training programme. It also means that a training provider such as CareSkills will only be responsible for delivery of the training, with a third party carrying out the end point assessment and you the employer will have to be much more involved in your employees’ training than at present.

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