Apprenticeship Levy

Heard about the Apprenticeship Levy but not sure what the impact is on your business?

The Apprenticeship Levy is essentially a payroll tax the aim of which is to get employers to make a financial contribution towards the cost of Apprenticeship training. The Levy is set at a rate of 0.5% of your total payroll, however most Care service providers will not have to pay anything as in practice the Levy is only applicable if your total payroll bill is £3 million or higher.

The Government is due to release more information in the next couple of months as to how it is in fact going to work, but right now this document put together by Kaplan Financial is a great summary:

Kaplan Apprenticeships Levy Key Facts

Apprenticeship Reforms

The shape and funding of Apprenticeships is being reformed, with the current system of frameworks and training provider grants from the Skills Funding Agency being replaced by Apprenticeship Standards and Employer Funding Vouchers by 2018.

We will be blogging over the next few months about the changes and what they mean for employers, but this is a great introduction into the conversation:

LSECT Apprenticeship Reform Webinar Slides January 2016

Higher Apprenticeships

We are very pleased to announce that we are currently piloting delivery of the L5 Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management.

If you would like to find out more about the Higher Apprenticeship, have a read of these guides

Employee Guide to Higher Apprenticeships

Employer Guide to Higher Apprenticeships

Or watch this video clip for some real life examples

If you would like to know more about doing this Apprenticeship with us, please get in touch via the contact page.